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Sacred Path

Sacred Path

"We are all on the Sacred Path. It is not something we have to earn; it is a choice we make. Together we can stay the path. The choice is ours!"

The mission of Sacred Path is to build a classroom and school-wide community and to empower students by providing leadership opportunities and conflict resolution skills while teaching the values and traditions of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Class meetings are structured around our local tribal government: chief, vice-chief, recorder. The implementation of class meetings is established on the basis of: ceremony, ritual, celebration, and parading.

Sacred Path:
  • Empowers our students
  • Provides leadership opportunities
  • Builds community
  • Retains the dignity of our students
  • Turns negatives into positives
  • Is Cherokee inspired
  • Helps establish the identity of our students
  • Makes teaching more effective
  • Provides foundation for learning to take place
  • Is a platform for relevant concerns of our students (conflict resolution)
  • Satisfies North Carolina Course of Study requirement for character education
Learning Communities:
  • Holds class meetings
  • Gives compliments
  • Shares concerns
  • Collectively decides on course of action
  • Shares equal partnership among community members in the spirit of the circle
  • Believes each member of the community is irreplaceable and has something to offer
  • Works together for the good of the community