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General Information

Chief Joyce Dugan Cultural Arts Center

Welcome to the Chief Joyce Dugan Cultural Arts Center, proudly overseen by the dedicated team at the Community Affairs Department. As the heart of creative expression within Cherokee Central Schools, the CAC serves as a dynamic hub where the community, arts enthusiasts, and stakeholders converge. Our center cultivates artistic endeavors and fosters meaningful connections and collaborations, enriching the educational experience for all involved. Step inside and discover a vibrant space where imagination flourishes, voices are amplified, and cultural heritage is celebrated.
Meet the Community Affairs Team!
Our dedicated team, led by Jae Winchester as Community Affairs Director, Matt Martens as Community Affairs Coordinator, and Rosie Bryson as Community Affairs Administrative Assistant, is committed to bridging the gap between the community and the school. We ensure that both students and staff have access to valuable opportunities and resources. Whether you're a student with a passion project or a staff member with an innovative idea, we're here to support you every step of the way. With hard work and a creative drive, we strive to facilitate collaboration and empower our school community to thrive.