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Board of Education Elected Officials




 Contact Information

Big Y Secretary Tara Reed-Cooper Email:
Phone: 828-508-3327
Birdtown Representative Gloria Griffin Email:
Phone: 828-507-8174
Wolfetown Vice Chairperson Isaac Long Email: 
Phone: 828-736-4577
Big Cove Representative Karen French-Browning
Phone: 828-497-0685
Phone: 828-736-7357
Painttown Representative Regina Ledford Rosario 
Phone: 828-788-5655
Yellowhill Chairwoman Jennifer Thompson
Phone: 828-507-5997
EBCI Tribal
Council Rep.
Chelsea Saunooke Email:
Phone: 828-507-7848
Cherokee Central School Board of Education meet the first and third Monday of each month at 4:45 p.m. in the Central Office Conference Room.
(If there is a holiday on Monday, the Board of education will meet the following Tuesday at 4:45p.m.)